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St-Barths is a unique destination drawing visitors from all over the world, and the island features some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches in the Caribbean, with an ultimate security, privacy and a wide range of activities.
There are many luxurious villas throughout the island and it offers many opportunities to invest in properties that keep in accordance with the island's ambiance and elegance.
With a life dedicated as entrepreneur and talented business woman, Monique TURBE has decided to put all her expertise to customers who are expecting to buy or to sell properties in St-Barths.
Monique TURBE works exclusively with the best law firm specialised in Real-Estate transactions, and entitled to carry out all real property transactions from A to Z.
She offers a portofolio of exclusive villas and manage the process of acquiring property with her expert advices.


" Real Estate has always been a popular long-term investment option, and despite the brief contraction of the market few years ago, investing in St-Barths continues to be a great way to ensure your financial future and to have a great income with the rental market. The market is strong, and the economy of St-barths is very secure for any potential investors. "

Monique TURBE, Chairman of MY VILLA IN ST BARTH

The life of Mrs Monique TURBE follows the last fifty years of development of the island.

Her grand-father was the St-Barths who sold in 1957 his land in Colombier for some thousands of dollars to the famous Mr David ROCKEFELLER, the one who made St-Barths so popular.

Her Father, Mr Guy TURBE was the pioneer of the Tourism business in St-Barths, with the first hotels built in the seventies and eighties, and one of the most successful entrepreneur in St-Barths history.

Monique TURBE has followed the path and the legacy.

She has climbed the steps one by one, from being a housekeeper at 15 years for her father's hotels, to young entrepreneur at 20 years of her first cottages on the flamands beach.
Then a successful and talented business-woman throughout her career of serial entrepreneur.

She has learnt all by herself, and her expertise and experience are the best skills and diplomas on the St-Barths Real-Estate market.



>The White Sands Beach Cottages

February 1986 - February 1995, Flamands Beach

>Villa MWS and Villa MDM

January 1989 - February 2007, Flamands Beach

>Villa MLI and Villa SVV

February 1995 - April 2013, Flamands beach and Colombier


May 2012 - Present

Private conciergerie dedicated to Monique's properties: Villa ANGELO and Villa LENALEE
She was also the exclusive manager and concierge of her father's villas: Villa PANORAMA, Villa SOLEIL LEVANT, and Villa BELLEVUE.

MY VILLA IN ST BARTH Real - Estate, Founder & Chairman

October 2015 - Present

SASU MY VILLA IN ST-BARTH, unique shareholder and Chairman, Monique TURBE, represented by the agent and CEO of MY VILLA IN ST BARTH REAL ESTATE.

Professional card number - Villa rentals - N° CPI 977 120 150 000 01 437

Financial guarantees - GALIAN Assurance - N° 1201374058, 9 rue La Boetie 75008 Paris.

Our Real Estate law firm partner is the best guarantee of professionalism

The St-Barths Real-Estate market is limited and complex, but highly coveted.
Only a St-Barths lawyer specialised in the Real-Estate transactions can assure to sellers and buyers the highest guarantees of competence, ethics and expertise.
The St-Barths laws involve a varied and often highly complex set of activities centering on sales and acquisitions, title, land use, environmental, development, leasing, finance, joint ventures, restructuring and workouts, and litigation.
In today's environment, Monique TURBE has decided to work with the full service Real-Estate law firm of Mrs CELINE CARSALADE to propose what is the best portfolio of properties for sale in St-Barths.


" Because St-Barths Real-Estate is very coveted, my law firm will advise on the appropriate and the best legal structure to invest in St-Barths. I am entitled to carry out all the process of transaction from A to Z, with my due obligation of confidentiality, and the best guarantee to make a great deal possible in St-Barths. "

Me Celine CARSALADE, Ph.D Lawyer, Expert in Real-Estate Transactions

Graduated from the most prestigious Law school, in Paris, since the first year until she obtained her Ph.D in Law, Mrs Céline CARSALADE has a deep knowledge of legal and juridical science.

She is member of the AAMTI, association of proxy-lawyers in Real-Estate transactions, and she is entitled to carry out any transactions from A to Z, with a higher level of obligations than a normal Real-Estate agency.

Mrs Céline CARSALADE is member of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in New York.

Monique TURBE, is one of the best St-Barths Real-Estate expert.

She will guide you through the process of acquiring property with her expert advices and she will propose you all the exclusive and confidential properties for sale in St-Barths .

Our law firm partner is involved in all stages of preparation of real estate transactions.

As lawyer, Mrs Céline CARSALADE has to respect an ethical standard, mentioned in the french code of professional etiquette, and has a duty to assist and tender advice, specially in urban development law and tax-law, which are complex in St-Barths.

> Specific rules for specialized areas of activity and operating

> Real Estate potential and environmental audit

> Real Estate development and financing, drafting financing contracts

> Building lease - leasehold

> Financial leasing

> Leases public and privateConstruction Insurance

> Marketing and management of Real Estate transactions

> Assistance for Real Estate professionals