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Our chefs are highly experienced and they have worked in some of the most exclusive restaurants around the world and in St-Barths.
Whether you would like a full time chef for your entire stay, or availability on request for special meals, we work with the best professionals .


" Chef Samih is a delight to have been in your home and made my husband's 50th Birthday celebration a very, very special occasion indeed. From start to finish the whole engagement was fantastic. The food was amazing, he delivered everything flawlessly and made such an impression on all of my guests. We had the 5 course French menu and it was delicious. I can strongly recommend him for anyone looking to have peace of mind for their catering needs at home. "





Awarded « Best Maldivian Chef » in 2014, Samih has a large culinary repertoire from around the world that will delight your taste buds.

He worked as private chef for clients in luxury holidays spots such as Verbier & Dubai. Samih also made food and beverage setup of luxury resort & hotels.




Private Catering, live cooking, private classes, special events planning… he is the man of every situations. 

Samih has the gift of putting himself in harmony with his surroundings and adjusting his kitchen according to demand. His art can be metamorphosed and put at the service of different styles of cooking. 

His culinary repertoire is very diver and ranges from French, Japanese, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, Vitnamese, Libanese, Morocan, Arabic, Persian, Swiss, Maldivian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Singaporean, British, North American….



" It was delicious. It is the first time that I can really enjoy spending time with my guests. Chef Virginie is not only a good cook, but is also well organised, timely and communicative.She is super friendly and attentive without being too intrusive. The menu was fabulous, with every dish ranging from very good to exceptional. Thanks to Virginie !"

Isaac H. Ottawa


VIRGINIE, your home cooking Chef creates for you gourmet and delicious food, enhanced by her passion for taste and flavours.

She likes to cook french food, loves Caribbean flavours and add asian touch.

Her cooking knowledge has been gained by a carefuly observe, hard work, curiosity and passion for food.

She made her class mostly in Paris but also in Provence, Monaco and Caribbean. 

Always fresh-prepared meals, she uses hight quality ingredients, mostly best local and organic food.

Special diets are accommodated, such as gluten-free, food allergies, vegan, healthy and more... with always a gourmet attention for you.


"Everything was perfect from aperitif to dessert and all this in a very friendly atmosphere. Amazing flavours from beginning to the end! We were quite simply captivated by your food... Chef JOJO is fantastic , the food was excellent, and a lovely personality to have around our children and our family… Congratulations and a big thank you!"

Conrad W. L.A.


JOELYANNE also called "JOJO" is originally from the French Riviera, well known Cannes and the movies festival in South of France. 

She is a modern chef with a strong energy, a work ethic , and a lot of practice.

Specialised in organic Thai cuisine, she has this very authentic approach to the food : constantly updating herself with fresh, exotic and traditional recipes, and always working toward perfection. 

She is a high performer who has a proven track record of completing all culinary tasks on time, to the required specification and within budget.

Chef JOJO received a unique culinary education in an old world culinary Thai traditions Temple for many years.

With a bartending degree in Miami, she is also committed to preparing wholesome mixology cocktails.


" What can I say! I entered into this evening not knowing what to expect...I was absolutely blown away by every course. Each dish was delivered beautifully, it looked like a picture on a plate. But more than that was the flavour, it literally beat the gourmet restaurants I have eaten at in the past.I am a complete convert.All I can say is, you must give him a try! "

Rober C. San-Francisco.


A calm, pleasant, helpful and hardworking individual who has a passion for great food and who enjoys cooking mouth watering dishes.

Chef PHILIPPE gets a real buzz out of working in a busy kitchen, and great pleasure out of seeing happy faces enjoying a good meal that he has cooked. 

PHILIPPE has an admirable experience working for many years as the GUANAHANI TOP CHEF. 

He has a deep knowledge of restrictions related to diet practiced and plating simple food in interesting and attractive manner.

As an experienced Chef, PHILIPPE has a proven track record of making great food that will entice diners and leave them wanting more.


"Truly extraordinary! We engaged Chef David for a private dinner party that we hosted for five couples. He received rave reviews from a particularly discriminating crowd. His creations pleased a wide variety of palates. We found his dishes to be complex but approachable--and definitely fulfilling. David is a treasure!"

Ruth E. Chicago


A creative thinker who has sound knowledge of the latest food trends, and who is intimately familiar with all the activities of the kitchen. 

Chef DAVID has a strong commitment to quality, service and sustainability in any food and drink that he serves.

DAVID has a flair for cooking in a fast paced kitchen, and for producing high quality mouth watering dishes. 

He is an accomplished Executive Chef with a strong combination of culinary experience and a diverse menu preparation background. 

As a personal chef DAVID acquires knowledge of varied cuisine styles, nutrition and special dietary needs as required.

As someone who is passionate about food and cooking, he is more than willing to work weekends, early mornings and late nights to produce excellent cuisine and ensure maximum guest satisfaction.


" We had a wonderful time on our family holiday and are thrilled Monique found us Chef Fred. We were 15 people of 3 generations and she managed to make us all very happy with fresh and varied menus.Chef Fred always did more than could reasonably be expected. Her ability to organise and offer her menu and dishes was without doubt the highlight of the holiday for our very large group.Thanks!"

Samantha W. San Diego




A committed and responsible Head Chef who is able to consistently carry out his duties in a professional and positive manner.

Chef FRED has absorbed a very wide knowledge of food, spices, cooking skills and culinary entertainment.

FRED is someone who can handle multiple tasks without losing focus of her main priorities.

She is innovative and has the ability to make the necessary changes needed to improve a working environment and a kitchen team’s performance.

Whether you like French food or something more exotic, she will adapt to your taste and requirements to design your perfect menu.


    • Create customized menus

    • Purchase groceries, prepare and package meals as per the client’s requests.

    • Create meals for families with special needs children

    • Catered events and instructed culinary classes.

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