When to go to St Barts ? Our tips

In order to plan as carefully as possible your holiday in St Barth, it is advisable to find out about the expected weather. Indeed, being a tropical destination, the seasons are not identical to those found in Europe. We can quickly find ourselves in a pouring rain when we thought to find a bright sun. My Villa In St. Barth therefore reveals its most relevant tips for choosing the right period to leave.

What type of climate is found on the island for its holidays in St Barth?

First of all, for a holiday in St Barth, it's worth taking a look at the climate. It must be said that it is above all a maritime tropical climate, with 2 seasons unlike the four seasons of the temperate northern hemisphere. We will encounter a rainy season and a dry season.

Located 25 km from the island of Saint-Martin, from which most travelers arrive, this small paradise island benefits from trade winds blowing from the east which soften the tropical climate of the island and thus make the more pleasant day.

We still recommend protecting you from the sun or staying in shady areas during the hottest hours. The island is full of magnificent tropical gardens in which it is pleasant to stay under the coconut trees of your luxury villa St Barts.

In order to fully enjoy a holiday in your St Barths villa, what about the temperatures?

As far as temperatures are concerned, they are very stable throughout the year. On the other hand, it is better to spend your holidays in St Barts villas during the dry period from January to April. The wet season during the rest of the year is less favourable because of the heavy rainfall that occurs regularly during the day.

However, it should be noted that the sun is present in Saint-Barthélemy for 365 days a year. Temperatures will fluctuate between 25°C and 30°C, which will make the island pleasant at any time of the year. And by booking a villa in St Barths, there will always be an activity to do thanks to our various high-end services available.

What is the weather like for Gustavia? Is it interesting to opt a saint barts villa rental in the main city of the island?

In this city of about 10,000 inhabitants, a luxury villas st barts rental is very favorable in February and favorable in December, January, March, April, May and June. The rest of the year, the trend remains correct and you can swim at any time. The temperature of the water is between 26 and 29 ° C and is suitable for any aquatic or nautical activity.

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