MY VILLAINSTBARTH (hereinafter referred to as “Us”) respects your privacy. That is why we attach great importance to the protection of your personal data, that is to say your name, date of birth, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, etc.

This Data Protection Notice regulates the collection, processing and use of your personal data, if and to the extent that the information is collected during your use of our websites. With regard to the handling of this data, we will proceed taking full account of the legal regulations in force relating to data protection and the following principles.


We will observe the principles of data avoidance and minimization. This means that we will collect, process and use as little personal data as possible.


We will only collect, process and use your personal data if necessary to support, implement or terminate a contractual or similar customer relationship.
In any other case, we will only collect, process and use your personal data after obtaining your prior consent. Your personal data will be used exclusively for the purposes and to the extent that you have consented. For example, we will only inform you about our products and services after we have received your consent.
You can cancel your consent at any time. Upon receipt of your cancellation request, your data will be deleted. Any request to delete data should be sent to [email protected]


While you visit the pages of our websites, it is possible that personal data is automatically processed. In general, this data includes the name of your Internet provider, your IP address, the browser you use, your operating system, the web pages you have visited on our website and the website from which you have accessed our website. In all the cases mentioned above, the processing of this data is carried out automatically, that is to say that it is impossible to assign and therefore to identify any individual person from this data.


A cookie is a small data file that some websites write to your hard drive when you visit them. The only personal information a cookie can obtain is the information the user provides himself. A cookie cannot read data from your hard drive or read cookies created by other sites. However, cookies improve the performance of our website in many ways, including by providing a safe way for us to verify your identity during your visit and by allowing us to personalize and optimize your experience.
This website uses cookies so that we can better serve you. It uses visitor tracking software that uses cookies to track information about how visitors come to the site, the pages they visit, and other actions visitors take on the site. This data is then used to improve the user experience on the site. All user data collected in this way is anonymous.
If you wish, you can refuse cookies by disabling them in your Internet browser settings. You do not need cookies enabled to use our service. Most browsers are configured by default to accept and store cookies. However, you can configure your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the option to decide whether to accept it or not. For more information, please refer to the help documentation of your online browser.


The collection, processing and use of personal data is carried out by us and - to the extent that we have not excluded it - or by service providers authorised by us. We will ensure that the Group companies and service providers adhere to the current legal regulations on data protection and the obligations arising from this Data Protection Notice. The sending of products, promotional support, participation in contests may, for example, lead to the use of service providers.
In any other case, no third party will have access to your personal data. We will not sell your data or use it for any other purpose. Your data will only be processed and in particular transmitted to governmental authorities if we are subject to them by obligation or within the framework of legal or legal requirements.


We have implemented technical and organisational measures to protect your data against loss, alteration, theft or access by unauthorized third parties.


The collection of personal data relating to persons under the age of 15 is not in our interests. Should we become aware that such data has been transmitted to us without the approval of the parents or legal guardians, such data would be immediately deleted. We therefore rely on parents or legal guardians to provide us with the appropriate information.


We will delete your personal data when the associated business purpose ceases to be applicable or when applicable data protection legal regulations require it. For example, we will erase the data collected for a contest if you have not consented to your data being collected, processed or used for other purposes. In the case of consents obtained, we will delete your data following the withdrawal of your approval or the interruption of the purposes of your consent.
If you require us to do so, we will block your personal data in whole or in part. With respect to this Agreement, you must inform us of the degree and duration of the deadlock desired. To the extent technically possible, you can exclude your data here so that it is not processed or used for certain purposes.


Our web pages may contain hyperlinks. These are cross-referenced electronic references that allow access to other companies' web pages. On these linked websites, this Data Protection Notice is not applicable. Only data protection regulations for this particular website are applicable.


We update this Data Protection Notice on a regular basis. Therefore, it may be necessary to adapt this Data Protection Notice to reflect any factual or legal changes to the basic conditions. By using our websites, you agree to these adaptations.


We invite you to contact us at any time for any questions relating to the collection, processing or use of your personal data. We will also be happy to provide you with general information on data protection.
Please contact us at: [email protected]

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