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As the ultimate prestigious destination, the island of St-Barths offers exceptional opportunities to realize the bespoke investment you're considering.

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MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH is your preferred partner for your purchase project.
Searching, selecting, advising: we help you to make the best investment in St-Barths.
We are real estate luxury specialists in St-Barths
MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH Real Estate is the partner of your investment project in St-Barths.
Our confidential portfolio of villas for sale, our specific network and our perfect knowledge of the market are the keys to success. As we are St-Barths’ natives and residents, we propose tailor-made opportunities which perfectly match your wishes and budget.
Imagine your next property in St-Barths: we will make it possible.

Our local team knows perfectly the luxury real estate market and will propose you opportunities tailored to your criteria: budget and type of prestigious property.
Exceptional luxury villas
Why working with us
Founded in 2015, MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH is the result of a St-Barths family’s history, marked by great ideas and real estate achievements.
Inspired by Guy Turbé, one of the first developers of the island and a tourism pioneer, the agency was created by his daughter Monique Turbé. Her goal is to offer a real estate catalog that would reflect both the eclecticism and the beauty of the island.
As a self-taught esthete, Monique has always been guided by the complete satisfaction of her clients. She listens to the others and knows how to guess what’s unspoken. With her unique expertise and network, she will do whatever is possible to make wishes or true. As a multiple villas owner with a solid experience leading project, Monique Turbé is one of a kind in St-Barths real estate.
Our properties portfolio
St-Barths is a privileged destination for long-term investment. The touristic offer is mainly based upon seasonal rental of second homes and allows owners to expect a rental profitability of their invested capital.
The real estate market in St-Barthelemy is very tight, as investors demand is higher than properties for sale. Most of our latest sales were kept confidential, all the more since they were not officially for sale.
The market and practices have evolved, so we personalize our approach upon specific search criteria.
Therefore, we have decided to create a private and confidential listing with properties for sale that are not published on our website. Our perfect knowledge of the island and the real estate market allows us to make tailor-made offers.
Our strengths


We perfectly know our island and the real estate market.
Whatever your question is, we can answer any time with concrete data and facts.


We make dialog easier with the many people involved in the transaction: buyer, seller, advisors and experts.
This is a both cross-cutting and global approach.


Whatever the scope of your project, entrust us with your ambitions.
Confidentiality is one of the main keys to the success of a real estate transaction.
A team of experts
MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH Real Estate is a native islanders team with specific skills.

As real estate professionals in St-Barths, we provide a proven expertise and skills rooted in our passion for the industry. Established in the luxury sector since 2015, our agency, My Villa In Saint-Barth, showcases a portfolio of luxury properties for sale for investors seeking to acquire prestigious assets in an exceptionally beautiful place.

We aim at meeting your expectations, so that your investment project can be achieved within the set deadlines. The seven people who work at the agency are all talented, skilled, trusted and helpful, whatever your needs.
A unique expertise
With MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH Real Estate, your investment project is handled by a skilled team. Searching, visiting, finding partners, dealing with legal issues and local support: we do everything to make your transaction and project successful.

In the exclusive real estate market of St-Barths, confidentiality is a priority, allowing parties involved to discretely and confidently conduct their transactions. Real estate transactions are made with utmost care to guarantee the privacy of both buyers and sellers, ensuring a secure process.

We also hold a confidential list of properties: reach out to us so we can discuss your project together and outline your investment in luxury real estate in St-Barths.
A global and one-to-one support
Investing in St-Barths needs a good knowledge of our island and its specificities. That's why MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH advises you at each stage of your investment project and helps you to find the key to your project’s success.

We provide an unparalleled expertise at every stage of your project. Relevance, precision, confidentiality, and customization are the keys of our mission to ensure a consistent and perfect investment experience.

- Becoming an owner: prospection, selection, purchase agreement, deed of sale.

- Selling your property: agency expertise, island knowledge, team ethics.

- Maximizing your asset: communication (web, mobile, exhibitions), premium concierge, international exposure.
The main stages of an investment project
Depending on your project and the type of properties proposed, this process can be adapted.

Understanding your investment project

We help you define your real estate project and express your needs. We help you better understand the real estate market and trends. We also bring you elements of thoughts about the seasonal rental market. This step is essential, as our relationship of trust is created after it.

Selecting a list of properties

We make a proposal of properties that may fit your conditions. Some properties may require a confidentiality agreement. A thorough study of the investor is carried out before the opportunities are submitted.

Visiting and selecting the property

We organize visits of the selected properties, and provide all necessary information to make your choice easier.

Writing the purchase offer, and negotiating an agreement between the parties.

We submit your purchase offer to the seller/owner of the identified villa.

Signing the sales agreement

According to your needs, we can put you in touch with a list of local notaries.

Removing suspensive conditions

If your purchase proposal holds conditions to be removed, we will help you with our experience: we can advise you about lawyers, architects and financing partners.

Signing the deed of sale

You are the official owner!

Bringing your villa on the seasonal rental market

If you wish to rent your villa, we will help you in this project by bringing our expertise and experience. According to your tastes and needs, we can recommend architects and decorators to commercialize your property.

Offering a management service

A concierge service dedicated to owners is something essential: administrative management, maintenance, support with seasonal rentals. We can advise you on this important step.

Investing in St-Barths
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Frequently asked questions
What is the administrative status of the island of St-Barths?
In addition to the status as an "Overseas Collectivity" with fiscal autonomy since 2007, St. Barthelemy's status regarding the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU has also evolved. Since January 1st, 2012, it has become an "Overseas Country and Territory" (OCT), located outside the customs territory of the EU. It thus benefits from a large autonomy in customs matters.
What is the tax status on the island of St Barths?
The island's privileged tax status is governed by the 2007 organic law. Thus, an individual considered to be domiciled in St. Barts for tax purposes will be subject to the provisions of the St. Barths tax code on local income, without application of the French tax system, particularly regarding income tax and wealth tax. They are not subject to VAT or other taxes, and they do not pay inheritance tax for assets located on the island and for the benefit of heirs residing in a country without inheritance tax.

Important: Persons who are not Saint-Barthelemy residents, but who are residents of France, are considered by French law to be metropolitan tax residents.
For more information, please refer to the tax code of St. Barts.
How to be a tax resident on the island of St-Barths?
People considered as tax residents are those who have their "home" on the island or, failing that, the place of their main residence, or the center of their economic interests for 5 years, in accordance with the local tax code. Companies that are considered to be tax residents of St. Barths are those that have had their effective management headquarters there (assuming it is not the same as the statutory headquarters) for at least 5 years, or if they do not meet this 5-year condition, those that are controlled by one or more individuals who are themselves tax residents of St. Barts.
Why don't you offer products for sale online on your website?
The St-Barths real estate market is a niche market, and the supply of properties for sale is far below the demand. Since the market is very tight, and products are rare, we have oriented our practice towards proposing products upon request from serious and motivated clients. The search for a property that perfectly meets your criteria sometimes requires patience and perseverance. Our team will be with you throughout your search.
Can I buy with a financing suspensive condition?
It is possible to include suspensive conditions when writing your offer to purchase. If they are accepted by the seller, these conditions will be taken over by the notaries in charge of the sale. We can assist you in this process if needed. Nevertheless, this point should be put into perspective, given that the demand is international, and remains far higher than the available property offers.
St-Barthelemy, pearl of the Caribbean, is an island bordered by crystal-clear waters, white sand and rolling hills with trees. Between sky and sea, St-Barths is the best destination for those loving luxury, calm and serenity.
MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH is a real estate agency that was founded from the experience of one of the pioneer developers of the island, Guy Turbé. His intuition and talent have shaped St-Barths’ style since the early 1960s. Monique Turbé founded the agency in order to perpetuate this precious legacy, innovate and look after the lovers of the island of St-Barths. Her perfect knowledge of the area, her business network, her ideas and her expertise are the basis of our philosophy: providing our customers the best of St-Barths. Investing in St-Barths requires a specific approach: searching, monitoring, dialog and discretion. Many partners are involved in the transaction, from visits to sale agreement, including financing, renovation work and negotiation. In order to help investors the best we can, MY VILLA IN SAINT-BARTH helps at every step, from the beginning of the project till the rental marketing. As a partner, we offer personalized advice throughout the transaction.

Together, let's make your investment in St-Barthelemy a success.
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