A picturesque neighborhood
Corossol is one of the most authentic areas in St-Barths.
Located in the northwest of the island, it is famous for its beautiful beach, its picturesque harbor, and its brightly colored fishing boats called "doris”.
With its vibrant local craftsmanship, Corossol is a charming stopover that you’ll love discovering.
The beach of Corossol
With its crystal-clear waters and lovely brown sand, Corossol beach is famous for being one of the quietest spots in St-Barths. Families love to gather here for pleasant swimming sessions, while snorkelers explore the many species of fish around the rocky areas.

In the center of the bay, you'll find a small fishing harbor with colorful "doris", which are the typical boats of Corossol. This picture postcard scenery, with the golden reflections of the sand, the vibrant colors of the traditional boats, and the Caribbean rolling hills, is one of the most iconic locations in St-Barths. It's an ideal spot to discover and enjoy the natural beauty of the Caribbean.
The treasures of the local craftsmanship
In Corossol, the woven straw craftsmanship is a significant part of the island's rich cultural heritage. With the many, precious traditions transmitted through generations, the craftsmen use ancient practices to create unique pieces. As experts in the art of straw weaving, they craft one-of-a-kind items inspired by the customs and traditions of St-Barths.

The meticulous process of straw weaving requires a lot of patience, exceptional skills, and an accurate know-how. Here you’ll find bags, baskets, hats, and various accessories that are made from dried latanier leaves. These items are genuine souvenirs, with the typical charm of the island and the culture of St-Barths; original objects to be cherished and treasured.
Saint-Louis festival
Every year on August 25th, the charming village of Corossol comes alive with vibrant festivities in honor of Saint-Louis. The day begins with the traditional garfish fishing, followed by colorful processions, outdoor concerts, gaming and dancing sessions, listening to lively music.

Regattas are also held on the crystal-clear waters, till the evening as the night sky is lit up by fireworks. The traditional mass takes place near the statue of St-Louis.

For the past 60 years, this iconic festival has been an opportunity for the inhabitants of St-Barths to gather, reconnect with their traditions, and celebrate their rich cultural heritage in a warm and festive atmosphere.
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