Physical fitness and a balanced lifestyle
What about getting back to a healthier and more sportive living during your stay in St-Barths?

To be efficient, physical training needs a good mental balance. Our personal trainers propose a holistic approach based upon energy, strength and relaxation. Whatever your profile, they’ll adapt to your needs, they’ll meet your expectations and abilities in terms of sport experience. Their aim is offer you the best ever possible experience of relaxation and self-improvement.

Together with your coach, you'll imagine and run a tailor-made fitness program based on your wishes, level and abilities.
They speak about us…
« These coaching sessions allowed me to work on my strength and improve my endurance. Franck and I talked a lot and he proposed a tailor-made program, as well as nutritional counselling. I highly recommend him! »

Hillary B, Alabama
Personal trainers
Our highly experienced, empathetic personal trainers will bring you the very best of their know-how, combined with the perfect gesture. They are qualified in physiotherapy and osteopathy and will help you regain self-confidence through a personalized sport program.

Through dialogue and exchange, you’ll make a personalized sports preparation program. Depending on your wishes and level, the coaches will help you achieve your goals during your stay in St-Barths.
Holistic coaching
The holistic approach allows one to connect one’s strength to life balance within a sportive program. Our personal trainer prepares tailored-made fitness routines, nutrition counseling and relaxation exercises, to help develop strength for a perfect inner harmony. He prepares tailor-made fitness coaching, proposes nutritional advice and advises relaxation exercises, to help develop strength and achieve true inner harmony.

The combination of these elements will help you to successfully achieve your program, and your personal trainer will know how to select the best criteria for personalized sessions, sources of well-being and personal fulfillment.

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