Pointe Milou
Glowing sunsets
Located in the north of the island, between the bays of Lorient and Marigot, Pointe-Milou is one of the most picturesque areas in St-Barths.
Famous for its glorious sunsets, Pointe-Milou reflects the golden hints of the glowing sky, delighting admirers of this fabulous show.
Amazing sunsets
Imagine the stunning colors of the Caribbean sky enlightened by the latest rays of lights. As it goes down, the sun offers an incredible, unforgettable show, a unique spectacle per evening. Pointe Milou is truly a paradise spot to admire this wonderful, glorious  show.
The St-Barths nature reserve
The Nature Reserve covers a marine area of around 1,200 hectares, including the areas of Gros Îlets and Pain de Sucre, the islets of Fourchue, Fregate, and Toc-Vers, a part of Colombier Bay, and an area to the northeast, including Pointe-Milou.

The regulations associated with its designation as a Nature Reserve allow many species to thrive harmoniously, with 183 species of fish in the protected area, including the rare Nassau grouper, eagle ray, and long-snouted seahorse.

In the heart of the St-Barths Nature Reserve, Pointe-Milou is where humpback whales head from January to April. It is also home to the green turtle and hawksbill turtle, many algae and corals which are home for sponges, gorgonians, sea urchins, and various crustaceans.
The beaches around Pointe Milou
During your stroll around Pointe-Milou, visit and enjoy the stunning beaches located nearby. Surrounded by beautiful coconut trees, Marigot Beach is one of the most peaceful site on the island. Its crystal-clear waters are an invitation to relax and unwind in a dreamy setting. There are also many species of fish and sea turtles thriving in its waters, an underwater life that snorkeling enthusiasts enjoy observing quietly. Nearby, Lorient Beach stretches along the shore. Its white sand and clear waters attract families who enjoy the lovely, small pools protected by the coral reef. Occasionally, due to specific weather conditions, some waves undulate across the shore, that surfers love riding in this paradise-like spot. 
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