The magnificent bay of Colombier
Located at the northwest tip of St-Barths, Colombier is a beautiful and outstanding area renowned for its bay with soft sand and crystal-clear waters where yachts sail at sunset.
A true preserved gem amidst lush nature, its stunning beach is accessible either walking through two paths or sailing.
A hike to Colombier
Experience the natural beauty of Saint-Barths on the paths through the rolling hills. Located on the northwest coast of the island, Colombier Bay offers one of the most spectacular landscapes of St-Barths, with its lovely cove, its translucent waters, and the bustling Nature Reserve with fish species and sea turtles.

To access this little paradise, you'll need to either take one of the two land paths leading to Colombier Beach, or access it by boat. If you opt for a walk, you'll be amazed by the beautiful panoramic views during a approximately 30-minute hike from Flamands or from Colombier (the latter being more demanding due to rugged terrain).

A must-visit during your stay in St-Barths!
Be amazed by Colombier's sunsets!
Enjoy the wonderful colors of the glorious sunset over the sea from Colombier Beach. Located on the northwest of the island, this magnificent place is famous for the beauty of this daily, ever-renewed show. By late afternoon, St-Barths' sky features thousands of golden rays that reflect over the sea with an incandescent glow, until dusk when stars twinkle in the Caribbean sky.

A true moment out of time, the glowing sunset can be admired either from the beach sand or from your private yacht during the sublime golden hour. Capture these unique moments in photographs, and take with you unforgettable and unique memories of your stay in St-Barths!
St-Barth's nature reserve
Located in the Nature Reserve protected area, the site of Colombier is one of the island's most beautiful. Here, the crystal-clear, translucent waters are home to many fish species that can be observed with a mask and snorkel: you’ll be truly amazed.

You'll be able to see many sea turtles with remoras, heading towards the seagrass beds at about four meters deep in the center of the bay. You'll also observe barracudas, American stingrays and common jacks.

North of the cove, you'll find wrasses, butterflyfish, wrasse herrings, and French angelfish. Since fishing is prohibited in the area, a colorful variety of fish can thrive peacefully in the waters of Saint-Barths. Don’t miss the show!
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