Reaching spiritual harmony
Get physical and mental balance through yoga. Whether you already practice it, or you discover yoga class during your stay in Saint-Barths, our yoga teachers bring their specific expertise during sessions at your villa. From your comfortable villa, treat yourself to unique moments of relaxation and tailor-made physical exercise, in harmony with the environment.

Take care of yourself and nurture your soul, take time to have a rest far from the crowd. You’ll be surprised to get answers to some issues you used to meet.

Some of our villas are even equipped with areas dedicated to meditation and yoga, for a total physical and sensory experience, with the expert guidance of our yoga teachers renowned for their skills, their ability to listen and their extensive know-how.
They speak about us…
« Nanda is an extraordinary yoga teacher! During the yoga sessions at the villa, she understood well how to deal with us, as we discovered yoga for the first time. She showed us her inner power and techniques. Thank you again for introducing us to yoga. »

Janice T, Chicago
Lyengar and Vinyasa
Nanda is a certified yoga teacher with a spiritual approach. She is a highly experienced practitioner of Lyengar and mainly practices it, connecting breath and movement in a very creative and free process.

She also practices and teaches Vinyasa, which is based upon static postures to be worked over several sessions.

Whatever your level, the program will be tailor-made to your expectations, your level and your physical capacities.
Vinyasa and dancing
Bérénice teaches yoga and dance. With passion and serenity, she enriches her practice of the Vinyasa method through her extensive experience in dance and fitness. She focuses on the achievement of optimal alignment during dynamic sessions.

Close to your needs, Bérénice adapts her program to your level and organizes yoga sessions according to your expectations.

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