What season should you go on holiday to Saint Barth?

Would you like to fly to a prestigious island in the Caribbean ? The island of St. Barthelemy is undoubtedly the best destination. Enjoy a luxurious setting in a hotel or a luxury villa in St Barth under a tropical sun, where the water temperature never drops below 26 degrees. But like any destination, the Caribbean is better at some times of the year than at others. Discover our tips for a cloudless holiday in Saint Barth.

The dry period: the best season for holidays in Saint Barthélémy

The so-called "dry" or "Lenten" period is the best time to go on holiday in the Caribbean. It runs from December to June and offers you temperatures of 26 to 28°, with a lower risk of rain than the other months of the year.
The dry season is specific to tropical climates, usually followed by the rainy season, it offers temperatures comparable to the rest of the year but with a much cooler feeling. This climate is therefore favourable to all kinds of activities : from relaxing afternoons on the beach, to discovery walks on foot or by bike, and all kinds of water activities on offer on the island. Ideal for Europeans, the Caribbean climate allows a sunny holidays in the middle of winter to enjoy twice as much good weather throughout the year. So don't wait any longer to book a rental in St Barth during your Christmas or Winter holidays.

Avoid the rainy season and book in advance

Although the climate is favourable all year round on Saint Barth, if you want to escape the humidity, it is best not to go there in August, September and October, the rainiest months of the year. You can still enjoy the island during the rainy season. The warm tropical rain won't stop you from enjoying swimming in the Caribbean Sea, the pool of your rental villa, or the frequent wellness activities on the island. But if you can choose your holiday period, look for your Saint Barth Villa rental in St Barths avoiding the month of October, which corresponds to the hurricane season.

Although rainfall is higher during this season, it can also be a bargain for some tourists. Airlines and travel agencies generally offer more economical deals at this time of year. Moreover, it can be noted that hurricanes are not systematic and are often predicted a long time in advance, enough to organize your next holidays!

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