St-Barths beaches
In the heart of the Caribbean, St-Barths offers incredible hidden treasures to its visitors and islanders. Renowned for its beautiful landscapes and for its luxurious facilities, the "Pearl of the Caribbean" is a favorite destination for those seeking excellence, calm and discretion, in a tropical paradise environment. Between the crystal-clear turquoise Caribbean Sea and the wild Atlantic Ocean, the island of St. Barths offers breathtaking views. The white-sand beaches and rocky coasts make it the ideal destination to marvel at the natural idyllic sceneries in a very private atmosphere. Discover our selection of the most beautiful beaches in the island.

Corossol Beach
Located in the small village that bears its name, the charming Corossol beach features lovely dories, which are small colorful fishermen's boats that berth in the clear waters. The fine brown sand of this small beach loved by families is a unique spot in St-Barths, and a sign of the authenticity of this iconic place where the feast of St-Louis, the patron saint of fishermen, takes place every year..

Flamands beach
Located in the northwest of the island, Flamands beach is one of the largest ones in St. Barths. Its large stretch of white sand borders the Atlantic Ocean’s deep waters, which is rough on days with heavy swell, becoming a best place for surfers. This very long beach is a true paradise, with fine sand and crystal-clear water in the heart of the island's green hills.  

Gouverneur Beach
Located in the south of the island, Gouverneur beach is one of the most beautiful ones in St-Barths. Its fine white sand borders the Atlantic Ocean and welcomes visitors, who are amazed by the beautiful tropical landscape. A shaded area is located at the entrance of the beach, the perfect place to rest in a quiet and private atmosphere. Close to Gustavia, this beach can be accessed via a path between two hills. It is a totally unique place to discover in St-Barths, where a legend says that the pirate named Monbars hid a treasure.

Grand-Cul-de-Sac beach
Nestled in a lovely bay on the east side of the island, this beautiful white sand beach with shallow waters offers a breathtaking panorama. The crystal-clear colored lagoon creates a heavenly environment in this place classified as a marine reserve, where you can admire shells and watch sea turtles. It is also a famous spot for kite surfing and windsurfing.

Grand Fond beach
A true paradise for surfers and body boarders, Grand Fond beach welcomes the Atlantic Ocean’s breaking waves on the rocks of the coastline. Though it is not recommended for swimming due to the many cayes (rocks) in the water, this beautiful wild beach is the perfect place to walk on the pebbles, to breathe the ocean spray and to collect shells coming from the sea. Located on the Wild coast, Grand Fond beach and its wild landscape invites visitors to discover its hidden treasures.

Lorient beach
Lorient white-sand beach is located on the north coast of the island. Visitors enjoy its crystal-clear waters for swimming and resting in a heavenly environment, unless they prefer to practice snorkeling. Families appreciate safe swimming in the "small pools" protected by the coral reef. What’s more, international surfing competitions take place there, as it is a spot appreciated by those wishing to practice their discipline in the beautiful waves carried by the ocean.  

Marigot beach
Located on the northeast coast of St Barths, Marigot beach is a beautiful stretch of fine sand in front of the lagoon. The coconut grove creates a truly idyllic scenery with its foliage that provides a fine shade to walkers. Its crystal-clear waters shelter one part of the marine reserve with multicolored fish, where divers and snorkeling enthusiasts can watch the great biodiversity.

Saline beach
This beach located in the south of the island is one of the largest in St-Barths. Its white sand and turquoise waters of the lagoon create a tropical and paradise atmosphere where islanders and families like to meet. Here, they enjoy the beautiful landscape with Coco islet and marvel at the infinite ocean. Nestled between two hills, Saline beach is close to an old salt marsh where salt was mined until 1972, and which has become a refuge for many species of birds.

Shell beach
Located close to Gustavia, Shell beach is a beautiful place nestled in a cove covered with lovely shells that poetically name it. Snorkeling enthusiasts enjoy this lovely beach with crystal clear waters where a great diversity of fish and marine species live. Sports lovers also love diving from the rocks along the beach. Shell beach is the ideal place to admire the glowing sunset on the Caribbean Sea, as a striking and amazing evening show.

Saint-Jean beach 
This is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches in the island. Located close to the airport, St-Jean beach is separated into two areas on either sides of the Eden Rock. Nautical activities enthusiasts love this spot, as well as visitors wishing to admire the planes coming and going in the Caribbean sky. The second part of the beach is perfect for swimmers who enjoy snorkeling in the quiet waters of this emblematic St. Barths beach. Many restaurants are located along this large beach.

Toiny beach
Located on the east coast of St. Barths, Toiny beach is not recommended for swimming due to its high waves and powerful ocean currents. Surfers and water sports enthusiasts enjoy it, as well as walkers searching for wild landscapes. The sunsets over Toiny beach offer unforgettable shows with glowing colors and golden reflections on the Atlantic Ocean.  

Colombier beach 
Located at the northwestern tip of St-Barths, Colombier beach can be accessed by boat, or through two hiking trails from Colombier or Flamands. Visitors discover a superb stretch of white sand and crystal-clear waters. Classified as a nature reserve, this area is full of rare marine species and coral fish, a true paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. It is also the ideal place to swim while waiting for the fabulous show of St-Barths’ sumptuous sunsets.


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